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I pulled an Ashley and completely read this book without posting anything. I feel that it's okay.

So this two books in one month thing didn't quite work out with me. I finished it this past night, so technically in August. Ashley hasn't started Sisters Red yet though, not that that is my fault or anything...shifty eyes. And it's not like she's read a million other books in the mean time. I'm back to work this month, at least for a week or two so my reading should be speedier as long as I have plenty of breaks. Fpr instance, I got off three hours early this morning after reading about 100 pages to finish Delirium. 

Anyway, here is my full review of Delirium by Lauren Oliver:

As a reminder, this was Ashley's pick of July. Here are her posts:
Ashley's Pre-Reading Delirium Post
Ashley's Post-Reading Delirium Post

I didn't do a Pre-Reading Post, but here's a mock-up of what it may have looked like:

Expectations: I thought the idea sounded interesting making love into an illness. I was weary about how lovey dovey it may have been.

Judging a Book by its Cover: I hate the cover! Well, the cover of the actual book, not the book cover. The book cover looks interesting with the face hidden. The actual book has the face in full force on both the front and back. It's awkward to read in public, especially when you work at a macho masculine, spit and cursing kind of job. I would have prefered a blank color with maybe a little indentation on the front.

REVIEW ( finally...this post seems long...)

I wish I would have written a midway post for this book because midway through I was not a big fan. I thought it had a slow progression. The illness seemed a little farfetched. But, thankfully the second half of this book exists! I think I read the last 200 pages or so in two sittings.

I loved the similes and metaphors Oliver used throughout the book. I noticed them more towards the end. I'm not sure if I just was late to catch on to the intricacies of her writing or whether she used these flairs to show Lena's mental progression.  The characters and their relationships seemed very real. I loved the development of the main love story. I am not a big fan of fluffy love interests. I have never read Twilight, but I can imagine I wouldn't enjoy it, from what I've heard. A love connection has to make sense. 


I hope Alex is dead! That may sound bad, but I think it would make a better story. I went to the goodreads site for the sequel, Pandemonium, and all the posts were "OMGZ...Alex CanT be ded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". I think his death would add the the Romeo and Juliet vibe of the story. You can't experience the highs without the lows. Oliver did an amazing job of expolring every aspect of love. Wow, does that sound cheesy/corny or what? By that I mean she did have the Lena-Alex relationship, but she also had the Mother-daughter memories, the best friend love, and Lena's love or nonlove for the rest of her family. 

I liked the world that Oliver created. It wasn't so far-fetched. It had the one alteration of amor deliria nervosa and the world was wrapped around that. Most utopia/dystopia YA books alter the world so much. Lena still worked at a Stop-N-Save (i think that was its name) and there was a realistic class divide between Lena and Hana. Technology hadn't progressed to anything ridiculous. I was unsure about the world politics though. So many utopia/dystopia YA novels take place in one city. I'm sure this will be explanded upon in the sequels because I am interested. Is there still a president of the United States? Do all those in charge go through the procedure too?

In Conclusion, I really enjoyed the book once I got into it. It had similarities to the Uglies series, but had a strong focus on love that stayed throughout the whole book. I am eagerly awaiting the sequel.


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