Friday, August 5, 2011

Across the Universe REVIEW

I finished the book last night! Not even 5 days into the month and one novel down. I think this month may be a good one for reading.

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I really enjoyed this novel. Like most YA books that I enjoy, so much was revealed in the last hundred pages or so. I thought the characters were developed enough and the world was interesting. Amy's relationship with her parents was different. It made me think what I would do when put in that situation. Would you go willingly, leaving your home and everyone you know to be an unneeded member of a deep space mission? Her father didn't think she would. At Amy's age, friends and your social life are so important. 

SPOILERS follow.

So, Orion was the prior Elder. It didn't surprise me, but I think it may have been a little too obvious. How did he avoid being noticed all that time? Did Eldest not notice that the Recorder didn't show up on his ship diagram showing everyone on the ship? The Feeders were a creepy, especially when they were all horny. Their regular behaviors reminded me of the adults' behaviors in Delirium. Thy had faded eyes and didn't care or feel. Both books had the idea that to truly live you must experience the good and the bad of emotions. 

One of my favorite characters was Harley. I just wish he would have stayed on his meds for his obsessive behaviors. The rape scene was hard to read. It was almost like zombies with a thirst for sex were attacking her. The idea that Luthe was "normal" and he truly wanted her was also scary. 

I thought the ending left the novel in a good place. I didn't feel any plot-worthy questions were left unanswered, although the future of the Godspeed is left unknown. Well it looks like we will find out what happens to the Godspeed. A sequel, A Million Suns, is expected to be released January of 2012. I will most likely read it, although this new every-book-is-a-start-to-a-trilogy-thing is kind of getting annoying. 

Before I see Ashley and am able to exchange books, I will most likely be starting A Game of Thrones, to match her start of Wizard's First Rule.


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