Tuesday, August 30, 2011

& Baby Ducks

I finished reading this book last night, just in time for September!

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I enjoyed the conclusion to this novel. It thankfully brought closure to all the story lines. It was refreshing to read a fun, cutesy, teenage novel. One of my favorite aspects of the book was the parents' relationships with their children. The last discussion between Carly and her father really showed how insecure the father was about the video Carly posted. He complements Carly in a very unusual way. Usually in these kinds of books the parents are either not seen or they embody some stereotype. Not in this novel. Carly really gets to see her father as a human and not just a daddy.

Why did she kill Voodoo Baby?!? That whole section with the crazy party was difficult to read in that I was super nervous for her. Someone freakin peed on the wall! I can't imagine walking into my house and that going on. 

The sisterly love that took up the whole novel was interesting to read about. I'm sure Ashley got a lot more out of it, being both a female and having a sister. Maybe I should find a book about an only child white guy for Ashley to read, lol. September is right around the corner. I must now browse my shelf for my September choice. Hopefully I can find something I will read fast so I can start "A Clash of Kings"!


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