Monday, August 22, 2011

Winter is coming

I finished A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. And Ashley totally has the two books she is behind and she hasn’t posted so…

Here is my first post about this novel: A Game of Thrones

I really enjoyed this book. It was the first true high fantasy I have read. It took me a little time to get into it at first though. The mention of so many names and bloodlines and the geography of a completely new continent pushed me away at first, but it didn’t take long for me to get the hang of this world Martin has created. The characters he creates have so much depth. None of them are one-sided and you get to read from many of their perspectives. One of the only things I disliked was the ending. I don’t feel this novel in itself was a good story. It was a good part of a story. It was excellent storytelling, but If there was no sequel this story was left completely open without any closure. I understand why they created this into a television series as opposed to a film. There wasn't a clear climax. All the stories of the different characters peak at different points and then peak again multiple times. I am anxious to start the next novel in the series, but I may have to read Ashley’s pick of the month first.  


My favorite part of the novel was the alternating perspectives. You never got tired of one main protagonist doing something boring like walking from one city to another because the next chapter would be across the Narrow Sea or far off in the North. I liked the children’s chapters. I felt they were written with the actual age genuinely considered. Bran responded as a child would. Arya saw things that may have saved her father, but she saw them through the eyes of a little girl. I also liked that main characters died or were thought for dead. Bran was my favorite in the beginning of the novel and when he fell I thought he was dead. Dany’s story, though completely separate from the main plot, was one of the most interesting to me. It was simpler and easier to follow. Her character definitely evolved. I am looking forward to where her path will take her. I think I would be completely fine with her ruling the Seven Kingdoms, maybe with Tyrion by her side.

I also liked the way magic and mythical creatures were incorporated. They were very minimal and delt with as though they were real. Within the world, they are thought to not exist anymore so it is interesting to see them start to rise. The zombie body was a little farfetched, but I think it was a good lead in to whatever is cooking in the North.

I hope later books introduce chapters from more characters perspectives. I am intrigued by Tyrion’s lady friend. Theon Greyjoy is also interesting. I will probably read the second novel in the series before seeing the television show whenever the first season comes out on DVD. 


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