Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A single, shared heart.

I am really bad at keeping up with blogging. It's been almost a month since I finished Sisters Red and I'm just now writing my review of it. Stupid classes and teaching getting in the way of fun things.

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This is so bad because I barely remember what I thought about this book once I finished reading it. I mean, not that I didn't enjoy it. I've just read 3 other books since then and have been having nightmares about the quotient rule. 

I'm kind of a huge fan of the Little Red Riding Hood story, and I really enjoy all of the different takes on it. I've never red one quite like Pearce's though, and I like how she takes such a traditional fairy tale and turns it into something modern and paranormal without going too far into the OMG WEREWOLVES thing. The wolves are something completely different than werewolves, and I really liked how she made it so obvious that anyone could be a Fenris... even the people you least expect.

I really enjoyed the way that the book was written. Having a novel told from two perspectives that are similar and yet so very different has always been really neat to me. I like the way that Jackson Pearce tells the story from Scarlett's "KILL ALL THE WOLVES" viewpoint and also from Rosie's "I just want to be normal... but still kill all the wolves" viewpoint. It also helps the reader understand the relationship between the two sisters better, I think. 


The only thing I didn't really like was that it was super easy to figure out that Silas was the Potential. I'll admit, the fact that he was the 6th son of a 7th son kind of threw me for a little bit, but I kind of just dismissed it and figured it would resolve itself later... which it did. I did like that she made the Woodsman character into a potentially evil character though. Everyone has the "potential" to be the bad guy - it just depends on the choices they make and how they live their lives as to if they will actually be the bad guy or not though.

The ending was very YA - for the novel being pretty dark, the ending was all nice and happy. Except for the part where Scarlett and Rosie aren't hunting together anymore. But both of them are happy with their new lifestyles, so I guess it wasn't too bad. And they still write and see each other when they can. Kind of the way real sisters are when they grow up and get lives separate from each other.

I would definitely read another one of Jackson Pearce's fairy tale novels, and I'm kind of really excited for Fathomless to come out.

And now, I'm only six blogs behind schedule!


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