Friday, April 20, 2012

The Wake Trilogy

After looking through past posts, I don't believe I ever reviewed Wake. So this review is for the whole trilogy. 

Title: Wake, Fade, Gone
Author: Lisa McMann
Year Published: 2008-2010

I read the first in this trilogy months ago and finally got to the other two while on the boat. I can say that if I had written a review for just Wake, it would not be as positive as it will be for the whole trilogy.

I thought Wake alone was poor in its development. I had too many questions. It just didn't seem like enough happened. And then suddenly the police were involved and Janie was working for them. It didn't flow for me.

Once I got into Fade and Gone, my questions were answered and everything was made more clear. I took the reality of every situation with a grain of salt. I feel that this series could easily be turned into an episodic television show for a station like ABC Family or the CW. Each of the story lines could be spread out and expanded upon. By the third book, I was excitedly flipping to the next page. I think I may have read Gone in one sitting. 

Although I don't think the series is up to par with some more recent YA trilogies, I enjoyed it. It felt to me like a book I would have picked up at a book fair in middle school, although I was already in college when these books were published. I give this trilogy a 3/5.


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