Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Sometimes home is a person."

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This book was absolutely fantastic. I really enjoyed Across the Universe, but A Million Suns exceeded all my expectations for it. I like how Beth Revis made the plot line of this novel so different from that of the first. Although both had mysteries to be solved, and both had murders as part of them, I think that the path Orion sent Amy on was much more interesting. Having her find clues to determine what his secret was was very creative, and also made her think more about what her decision would be.
Although the clues were tampered with, I think it made it even more exciting when Amy would figure out what Orion was trying to tell her, or where to find the next clue after she hit a dead end. Plus, *spoiler alert*, even though I kind of figured that they were at the planet, I really enjoyed how Revis made me want to keep reading just to be sure. Although she drops hints, she doesn't make it so obvious that the rest of the book isn't worth reading.
Amy did kind of annoy me at times, but I could definitely understand why she didn't want to love Elder simply because he was the only one she had to love. Her internal conflict concerning Elder was very well done, and while I was glad when it was finally (mostly) resolved, I'm also glad that she doesn't give up her beliefs simply because she loves Elder. For example, when Elder decides to bring Orion to the planet, Amy doesn't just agree with his decision because she loves him - she fights with him because her standpoint is important to her.
I'm very interested in finding out what sort of dangers await them on Centuri-Earth. Will they be dinosaurs? Giants? Humans like themselves, only very violent? Or will the danger be a natural one, like a huge volcano or lakes made of sulfuric acid?
I can't wait for Shades of Earth to come out! I would definitely give this novel a 4/5, and would recommend it to everyone who enjoyed Across the Universe. And if you haven't read Across the Universe, go read both of them right now!


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