Friday, April 20, 2012

Paul's Pandemonium Review

This was the first book I finished on the boat, so the least fresh in my mind. Although, this book may have been my favorite of my boat reads. 

Ashley's Review
My Pre Reading

Title: Pandemonium
 lauren Oliver
Year Published: 2012

I enjoyed Delirium. It was one in a long string of dystopia novels, but I enjoyed it. This novel blew Delirium away. I feel like this second in a trilogy was very similar to Crossed from the Matched trilogy. The first novel establishes the world and begins to go against the grain. The second novel is outside the society, living amongst the outsiders. 

I really enjoy when an author takes liberty in the perspective or timeline of a novel. The then and now method of revealing the story was done in a very interesting way.


So my big thing about this book after reading Delirium was that Alex has to stay dead! I think Oliver did exactly what I wanted perfectly. Alex was viewed as dead the whole novel, even though he played such a big part. I enjoyed how Lena's growth from Delirium was shown and she still had room to develop more. Her mother's reveal was excellent. Just enough clues were given that it was a surprise enough. 

Okay, so the last sentence...yeah...

I am very excited to read Requiem. I give this book a 5/5.


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