Friday, April 20, 2012

Paul's As You Wish Review

For all these books I am going to go back to my one post format, but hopefully I will be able to delve deeper than I did the last time i posted in this format. I actually read this book since returning home. It is the most fresh in my mind.

Title: As You Wish
 Jackson Pearce
Year Published: 2009

I have read both of Jackson Pearce's other novels, Sisters Red and Sweetly. This one was my favorite. I think Pearce did a wonderful job of incorparting quirky little high school things into the novel. One of my favorite examples of this is the Super Monopoly Dare game at the end of the book. I first found out about Pearce from watching her youtube videos and think she is hilarious. This book brought out her funny the most, in my opinion. I am really looking forward to Purity because of this book. I think she will do well in another high school setting.  


I kind of have a thing for switching perspectives every chapter as of lately. It has shown up in a lot of YA recently and I enjoy it. I think it enhances the story and can bring out all the characters more. 

I felt the relationship between Lawrence and Viola was very interesting to read. When the ifrit came in to press on Lawrence by making him in love with Viola, I was very emotionally attached. I read this book in three sittings. It was hard to put it down, but then again I was also jetlagged and trying to get back on a normal sleeping schedule. 

I would definitely recommend this novel, especially to anyone who wasn't a part of the snooty popular kids in high school. I give it a 4/5


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