Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"A world of nevers under a never sky."

First of all, I apologize for how late this review is. I finished Under the Never Sky way back in June, but just haven't been able to sit down and review it. Until now!

When I first started reading this book, I felt like things were going very slowly. Sure, the book begins with Aria and her friends/acquaintances breaking the rules and entering a forbidden area. But from there, even though some exciting things happen and some not so exciting things that are necessary for the rest of the book to make sense happen, it takes a while to get going. That's not to say I wasn't completely entranced from the beginning - I couldn't put it down!

Then, when the action and adventure and even the romance begin to pick up, I was hooked even more. Aria and Perry go through so much, and both learn things about the world of the other that they seem like totally different people by the end. I loved being able to experience the story from both of their viewpoints, and I think it really helped give the reader a more thorough understanding of what the world is like.

The tech world that Aria knows is fascinating to me. I think it would be so cool to have Realms to visit whenever you want, and be able to experience them almost as if you were there "in the Real." What would it be like to live in two places at once? And besides that, to live for centuries. Would life get boring? Or would it be new every day because of all the Realms?

Then there's Perry's world. A world where Aether can destroy you and everything you love. Where people have resorted to living in tribes, because it's easier to move around and survive that way. And, not only do you have to worry about Aether storms, but you also have to worry about illnesses that can't be cured by your limited resources, cannibalistic tribes coming after you if you wrong them, lack of food, and so many other things. I would not want to live in that, but that just makes me admire Perry so much more.

I hope that Aria tells Perry who she is working for in Through the Ever Night. I don't want their newly developed relationship to have to endure that deception. And I really hope the Still Blue exists and they find it.

I would give this book a 4.5/5 and I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of YA dystopian novels with a hint of romance. Especially to fans of books like The Maze Runner trilogy and the Across the Universe trilogy.


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