Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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Paul's Review

I read this a while ago, and completely forgot to write the review. So, I apologize if it's shorter or not as in depth as normal.

As You Wish is Jackson Pearce's first published novel, and I thought it was a very strong debut with great characters and an interesting plot. I really liked the idea that if you're miserable enough and wish hard enough, a Jinn (basically a genie) will be summoned from another world to grant you three wishes.

I found everything about the Jinn and Caliban to be fascinating, and definitely always wanted to know more. The idea of a perfect city with citizens who never age, and the idea that everything (even down to the colors of the flowers being delivered) has some sort of meaning made me wish that there was actually a real place like Caliban. Or that elements of it were present in this world.

I felt like Pearce really created a complex, real character in Viola. Her problems, her wants, her needs, and everything about her seemed so genuine that I felt like I knew her just bey reading this book. I also really liked the her ex-boyfriend Lawrence was her best friend and her ex only because he was gay. Lawrence really cared for Viola, and it was evident throughout the whole book. Everything he does is to try to keep her together, and even though he can't be the one to put her back together, he wants to find someone who can, or wants her to be able to do it herself.

The relationship between Viola and Jinn is predictable, but I don't think it's forced. It happens gradually, and Jinn is forced to change his whole perspective on life. I really liked that Viola helps Jinn to see things differently, but Jinn also helps Viola to see that she's still whole, even if she doesn't feel like it.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a cute teen romance, or any fan of Jackson Pearce's other works. A strong 4/5 on this one. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of Pearce's works!


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