Saturday, July 28, 2012

Naked Heat - Review

Unrelated to Naked Heat, but this is our 100th post this year! Hooray!

Also, I couldn't find a short enough quote that I liked to use as a title for this post :(

I really enjoyed  this sequel to Heat Wave. I thought it picked up Nikki's story nicely, although I was kind of confused at the beginning about why Nikki and Jameson broke up and had such a bad break-up. But, it kind of gets explained later on. I liked that they work together again though, despite the awkardness. Especially since Jameson is closely linked with the case.

The story was very interesting, and the reveal of who the actual murderer was/who started this mess was done very well. When I thought I had figured it out, Castle throws another wrench into the bucket. Plus, the idea of a gossip columnist being the investigated murder and then being linked to so many other things is something that seems like it really could happen. Stars need to protect their images sometimes, and the people around them will often go to great lengths to help them.

While the plot doesn't really follow the plot of the TV show, I think that the relationship between Nikki and Jameson closely parallels that of Kate Beckett and Richard Castle. Not with the awkward break-up or anything, but the playful banter, how Jameson annoys Nikki, etc. It's really interesting to pick out which characters are who, and to see how close they are to the characters in the TV show.

The pacing wasn't too bad, but there were a couple of sections where it seemed things were dragging or going into way too much detail. But, I did like all of the different ways that Nikki could have been considered to be "naked," and I thought the title was very appropriate for the novel. All said and done though, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has already read Heat Wave, and I would recommend the series to fans of the TV show Castle or murder mystery novels (or both!). I give Naked Heat a 4/5.


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