Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Paul's Missing Eona Review

I can not believe I did this. Apparently, I completely forgot to write a review for Eona. Now, I read this a few weeks, or maybe even months, ago. I hate when I have these very short and vague reviews, but I feel obligated to write something. I have to thank Ashley for letting me know I forgot to do this. 

Author: Alison Goodman
Year Published: 2011

I really enjoyed this book. It has big chapters, like Eon, but I was used to them. It is interesting how Goodman deals with gender. I really Like Lady Dela. I found her relationship very interesting. 

I always enjoy sequels more when the world is so vast and interesting as it is in this duology. I enjoyed seeing new regions that were not in the first book. 

I really enjoyed how the mythology of the Dragons and the Dragoneyes was expanded upon. It was very interesting.

If you read Eon, you MUST read Eona! If you haven't read Eon yet, go pick it up. It's a wonderful story that deals with gender, magic, and epic fantasy!

I give this novel a 5/5.

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