Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paul's Review of Under The Never Sky

This is another book I read while on the boat at the end of last month. It unfortunately won't be as detailed as I want. I will be writing my review for Shadow and Bone as soon as I finish it.

Pre Reading
Ashley's Pre Reading

I really enjoyed this book. It was another dystopian YA novel with a female protagonist, but it was done well. I loved the two worlds Rossi created. There were so many interesting parallels between them. I liked how Aria's world pretty much lived within a virtual reality. It was an interesting commentary on social media, chatrooms, and cell phones. They have access directly from their eyepiece. 

The outside world was also rich, full of people who had to work hard and develop skills to survive. The special abilities were also interesting. 

There were many interesting secondary characters. I am looking forward to seeing them more in the sequels. 

The romance aspect was annoying until the main characters acknowledged it. 

I am looking forward to Through the Ever Night. I give this book a strong 4/5. I recommend it to anyone who likes the dystopian trend in YA. This is a must read!


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