Friday, July 27, 2012

Paul's Review of Tiger Lily

Here is my video review where I make a Native American Headdress! 

Ashley's Review
My Pre Reading

"Tiger Lily" is a very well written retelling/prequel of the Peter Pan story. It follows Tiger Lily and is narrated by Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell can't talk, but she can feel people around her's feelings. I like that Anderson chose Tinker Bell's perspective. The reader gets to jump around the island of Neverland, seeing the pirates, Tiger Lily's tribe, and the Lost Boys. Anderson writes in storytelling or fairytale style. 

I liked the world of Neverland Anderson recreated. It is more real and not as magical. Fairies and mermaids are present, but they fit well. I also like the way Anderson chose to incorporate the never growing up theme. 

Anderson used all the traditional Peter Pan characters and introduced a few new ones. I liked Tik Tok the most. He is the shaman of the tribe as well as Tiger Lily's father. He dresses in women's clothing and wears his hair like a woman. He is a very interesting character. 

Religion is brought into this book in an interesting way when an Englander washes ashore in Neverland. Tiger Lily's tribe doesn't want to catch the aging disease, but the Englander ends up serving as a missionary. 

The story has an overarching theme of acceptance and self acceptance. It also focuses on differences and the way people see others. 

This is not a fast paced book. But, it does not drag. It has an appropriate pace for the story. 

Finally, a book that is not part of a trilogy! I enjoy following characters through a series, but a standalone novel that has an ending is very nice to read. 

I give this book a 5/5! If you enjoy the Peter Pan story, you should definitely pick this one up!


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