Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Like Paul and his review of Eona, I completely forgot that I hadn't reviewed Insurgent yet! Which is absolutely ridiculous, since...

I LOVED this book! Picking up exactly where Divergent left off was a great decision on Roth's part, and I really liked that there was very little recapping throughout the novel. Especially since Roth published this blog post recapping it for all of us who read Divergent a while back. I thought that it helped maintain the continuity of the series. I also liked that if you read Divergent and then jump right into Insurgent, it doesn't feel like you missed anything between the two novels. 

I definitely enjoyed seeing more of all the factions in Insurgent. I felt that we didn't know much about Amity or Candor, and it was nice to meet more people from those factions and spend more time in them. Plus, all of the factionless. Like Tris and all of her friends, I never realized that there were so many factionless people. It was very interesting to see why people chose to be factionless instead of a part of any one faction, and to see how they survived with almost nothing. They were more of a community than any of the factions pretended to be.

Tris kind of annoyed me in this book though. Yes, I understand you killed one of your friends. But really, please get over it. You're in the middle of a war. You need to be able to deal with that eventually, but just pick up a gun and protect yourself. I think her responses and emotions were very realistic, they just drove me up a wall sometimes. I felt like I wouldn't have been able to put up with her at times.And I also hated that she was always deceiving Four/Tobias. He cares for her and wants her to be safe, but all she does is sneak around behind his back to accomplish her objectives. I know she's doing it to better her world, but it all comes off as very selfish.

Forgiveness is a huge theme throughout this book, and I really liked that everyone manages to get past their problems with each other, large or small, to accomplish their objectives. Plus, Tris comes to learn how many friends she actually has, and how many people really do care about her. And as much as Tris and Four's relationship drove me crazy sometimes, I'm very glad they stay together through everything! I'm interested to see where they will end up, given how this book ended. I'm also interested to see how all of the Divergent people come together to save the world. I hope we get to see even more of them, and that we keep finding out that more and more people are Divergent.

If you read Divergent, Insurgent is a MUST read! And, if you haven't read Divergent, go buy it now and read it. Especially if you're a fan of YA Dystopian novels. You won't be disappointed. 5/5 to this sequel, and I hope the final book in the trilogy maintains the amount of epic contained within the first two novels!


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